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St. Thomas More High School represents the dedication, faith and work of many individuals in western South Dakota. We are a fully accredited private high school, anchored in the Catholic tradition of academic excellence, service and sound Christian values. Today, students of varied religious, economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds enjoy a full program of spiritual formation, academic classes and co-curricular activities. The core of the school is its religious foundation. The school focuses on four major areas:  spiritual, academic, service and social interactions through activities. All of this encompasses our system mission statement: “Developing Personal and Academic Excellence in the Catholic Tradition”.

For more information about our school or to schedule a tour please contact our office at (605)343-8484. 

STM Update





Unbelievable, this is the last month of school! What a year we have had, I am so proud of our students this year. We will be sad to see our seniors go, however, that is what we have prepared them for the past 12 years.  Graduation is May 25th  at 2pm at the Cathedral, we would love everyone there to celebrate with us.


We are proud to announce the Nicholas Sieger is a finalists for the Presendential Scholar program. We wish him the best of luck!


Our “We the People” champions have returned from Washington DC, where they represented St. Thomas More in fine fashion. We are very proud of them. You have set a presidence for all those to follow.


We also welcome back our Mission team. They returned from Jamaica and as always, it  was a life changing event for them. They will be giving a presentation on May 8th during our school mass, you are more than welcome to join us.


Finals this semester will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The dates are May 20th, 21st, and the 22nd. Please visit with your students to start studying now and reviewing for their finals. There will be a writing portion on all final exams.



St. Thomas More families, there are many ways that we as a school can earn money without having fundraisers! I will list a few items that can earn money for our school that I am sure you are doing and do not even realize the potential of income for our school. They are:


  • Family Thrift receipts- for every $150,000 dollars of receipts our school receives $1,000. (We are only $10,000 short of another $1,000!)
  • Every top of “Land of Lakes Milk” is worth - $.05
  • Every “Our Family” upc code is worth - $.05
  • Every “Box Top for Education” is worth - $.10


If you simply send in these items we will have groups such as “Student Council” and “National Honor Society” at our school adds them up and then we collect the monies for our school. It is that easy! We appreciate your support.



 “It’s easy when you know how”


Have a wonderful month and may God Bless you and your family.


God Bless,

Mr. Sullivan














































STM Counselor's Office

The Rapid City Catholic School System is home to two counselors.  The counseling department is responsible for testing, mental health services, scholarship opportunities, and the safe environment program.  

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