Michelle Julian
7th & 8th Grade Math
Mary Helen Olsen
Fr. Marcin Garbacz
Meagan Brown
6th Religion & Social Studies
Marcia Werner
Admin. Asst/Dir. of Admissions
Shannon Long
Office staff
Jenelle Kirchoff
Director of Library Services
Curtis Peacock
Orchestra Director
Andy Shaw
Resource/Special Needs
Angela Weber
Vocal Director
Anthony Flores
7th & 8th Social Studies
Mark Bruhn
Teacher Aide
Amy Dyke
7th & 8th Grade Religion
Carrie Wilson
6th Grade Math/Science
Tonia Maher
7th & 8th Grammar/ Comp
Jay Colgan
Print Shop Operator
Jeff Pekny
Physical Education
Leanne Hurdel
6th Grade Language Arts
Lloyd Potter
Band Director
Robert Aberle
Head of Guidance
Shelby Vickers
7th Grade Literature and Study Skills
Shellie Farwell
Dennis Fivecoate
HS Computer Science & 7th/8th Grade Computer
Steve Miller
7th Grade | Social Studies
Susan Massopust
Jake Kammerer
Mary Ellen Newman
Theresa Palmer
Computer Science
Jim Newman
Jessica Henrichsen
High School Language Arts
STM 1997