The gift of attending school in a community of faith and excellence will impact the lives of not only the student, but everyone in their future.

The Rapid City Catholic School System is committed to “Developing Personal and Academic Excellence in the Catholic Tradition.”

As alumni, this is your opportunity to reach out and pass along the gift of Catholic education that you received.

How Can You Help?
When you sign up for the 10×12 Alumni Giving Program, we will deduct just $10 per month from your checking or savings account for a total tuition assistance gift of $120 per year.

Who Gets Help?
Currently, 115 students receive tuition assistance. The total tuition assistance given for the 2017‐2018 school year was $183,000. Each family is required to complete a financial aid package and demonstrate financial need. In addition to the tuition assistance, the RCCSS school board has designated $15,000 annually for hardship assistance.

Why Now?
Our most critical need is for young families with children in grades K‐2. The commitment to paying tuition for the next 10‐12 years can be overwhelming when they look at paying not just for their oldest child, but the younger ones as well.

To put one student through grades K‐12 at RCCSS will take nearly $62,000.

As alumni, we can help. The 10×12 Alumni Giving Program will give us the financial tools to help keep these students in our schools. If every alumni gives, together we can raise over $120,000 for tuition assistance!

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