The gift of attending school in a community of faith and excellence will impact the lives of not only the student, but everyone in their future.

The Rapid City Catholic School System is committed to “Developing Personal and Academic Excellence in the Catholic Tradition.”

As alumni, this is your opportunity to reach out and pass along the gift of Catholic education that you received.

How Can You Help?
When you sign up for the 20×12 Alumni Giving Program, we will deduct just $20 per month from your checking or savings account for a total tuition assistance gift of $240 per year.

As alumni, we can help. If every alumni gives, together we can raise over $120,000 for tuition assistance!

Where we need help!
You can support the RCCSS in a variety of areas, RCCSS Endowment, Tuition Assistance, Teacher Benefits and Pay, Facilities, and the Area of Greatest Need.

When you are completing your commitment form, please indicate where you’d like your investment to be made.

Fill out my online form.