All RCCSS parents,

Spring is that hopeful time of year and this “hopeful” message is short.  Please consider how you can make a difference at RCCSS by involvement in the Booster Club.  I can tell you from experience that I was not expecting to be on the Board but now that I am, I am excited by where we are. The time commitment is not burdensome, a meeting per month and occasional, other minor time commitments.  What we need more than elbow grease is mental oil!  There are two spots open on the board and I encourage those with the desire to run.  If you don’t choose to run we still need you.  Meeting attendance has struggled but with your help each of us can make a difference of one.

The Booster Club letter sent earlier this week outlined the Booster Social coming soon, 6 PM Tuesday, May 16 at the STM commons.  A big part of making the Booster Club, all events,  and most importantly, the body of the entire RCCSS community a living, breathing, ongoing success is your continued involvement.  Lori and I hear, as I am sure that the rest of you parents do, from people in the community, in service organizations and employers that they notice the parochial school students in a positive way.  Not to say better, but positive.  To continue and preserve our ongoing success we need involvement.

This letter is a simple, sincere ask for you to engage.  Join a winning team and remember that the world is run by those that show up.

Thank you and God Bless,

Jerry Cope;
Vice President
STM Booster Club