Returning Families – January 26, 2024-February 9, 2024

New Families – Begins February 14, 2024

Space is limited for some grades and we encourage families to register within the registration period. Late registrations for current families will be subject to a late registration fee.

For more information on registration, contact Marcia Werner, Director of Admissions, or (605) 343-8484 x203

Financial Assistance

RCCSS offers financial assistance for families that qualify. Students entering grades K-12 are eligible to apply for tuition assistance. RCCSS uses Tuition Aid Data Services (St. Paul, MN) commonly referred to as TADS, to conduct financial need assessments of our families seeking tuition assistance. The application process is confidential and is required for all families requesting financial assistance.

The minimum award is $42, the cost of the application, so please do not hesitate to apply. You can reach the TADS website by going to or

The priority deadline for applications is March 31, 2024. Award notifications will be sent mid-April. Applications are accepted after March 31st until funds are no longer available.

Thanks to generous donors, the Rapid City Catholic School System is able to offer a variety of grants. Applications are accepted from February through April each year. The grants awarded will be applied to the upcoming year’s tuition.

Assistance is also available for school lunch as the school participates in the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program.

Hardship Assistance

Hardship Assistance is available for families who experience recent and temporary circumstances that prevent them from making tuition payments. Payment relief may be provided for families who experience financial hardship, including but not limited to severe illness, hospitalization and loss of employment. Please complete the application and return to business office.


The school offers three plans for payment of tuition:

Plan A – Full payment by June 15
Plan B – Two equal payments, June 15 and November 15
Plan C – Monthly ACH Payments, June through April

ACH plans will be assessed a one-time $30 fee per student. Families with an ACH authorization form on file do not require a new authorization for the new year.  ACH payments are done on the 1st or 16th of the month. Returned ACH payments will be assessed at $30 fee.

A late fee of 1.5% per month (18% a year) will be assessed on all accounts 30 days past due. It is the school policy that semester and end-of-year grades and transcripts will NOT be released until arrangements have been made to fulfill all financial obligations. If a payment is past due over 90 days, the student will not be allowed to attend school. In the event of a student transfer, records will not be released until the family’s account is paid in full.

Active Catholics receive a discount from tuition. To receive the discount, families must have the Active Catholic Grant Form completed and signed by their Pastor.   For proper credit, families should return the completed form before March 28th.   Each October, the Parishes contribute funds directly to the school for each enrolled student from their Parish. Under no circumstances will forms be accepted after September 30th of each year.