The STM Girls Tennis team had an outstanding tennis season and finished 6th out of 23 teams throughout the State. This year will begin a 2 year trial period of separating the tennis teams into a two class system. The top 10 schools by population and Sioux Falls O’Gorman and St. Thomas More will compete in Class AA and the remaining 11 schools will be competing in Class A.

The Varsity will have a strong returning team with Ainsleigh Scott, Bridget Raymond, Ali Scott and Megan Achbach all returning and we are excited to have Vanessa Wittenberg back in the top Varsity line-up this year after healing from an injury last season. These girls will definitely deliver a very competitive season of Fall tennis and with 21 girls out for tennis this year, STM should continue to have a strong showing for the upcoming years.

Any girls interested in joining the team should contact Coach Keiz Larson at

Fall 2019 Schedule

August 16, 20199:00 a.m. MTWR Invite-Aberdeen Cent.Rapid City
August 16, 20193:00 p.m. MTWR Invite-RC StevensRapid City
August 17, 20199:00 a.m. MTWR Invite-RC CentralRapid City
August 23, 20191:00 p.m. CTSF Tournament-O'GormanSioux Falls
August 23, 20194:00 p.m. CTSF Tournament-RoosveltSioux Falls
August 24, 20199:00 a.m. CTSF Tournament-LincolnSioux Falls
August 24, 201912:00 p.m. CTSF Tournament-WashingtonSioux Falls
August 29, 20195:00 p.m. MTBrandon Valley DualRapid City
August 29, 20192:00 p.m. MTSpearfish DualRapid City
August 30, 201912:00 p.m. MTRC Invitational-DoublesRapid City
August 30, 20199:00 a.m. MTMitchell DualRapid City
August 31, 20198:00 a.m. MTRC Invitational-SinglesRapid City
September 5, 20194:00 p.m. MTRC Christian DualRapid City
September 10, 20194:00 p.m. MTRC Stevens DualRapid City
September 12, 20194:00 p.m. MTRC Christian DualRapid City
September 16, 201911:00 a.m. CTAberdeen Roncalli DualAberdeen
September 16, 20192:00 p.m. CTAberdeen Central DualAberdeen
September 17, 20199:00 a.m. CTWatertown Dual - ???Brookings
September 17, 201912:00 p.m. CTBrookings DualBrookings
September 19, 20194:00 a.m. MTSpearfish DualSpearfish
September 27, 201911:00 a.m. CTPierre TournamentPierre
September 28, 20198:00 a.m. CTPierre TournamentPierre
October 1, 20194:00 p.m. MTRC Central DualRapid City
October 4, 2019TBASF TournamentSioux Falls
October 5, 2019TBASF TournamentSioux Falls

2019 Roster

Megan Achbach12
Sarah Barton11
Alysa Denholm11
Katelyn Denholm9
Abigail Eaton12
Liz Elder12
Oona Evans10
Athena Francillisco7
Shriya Gangireni7
Claire Kinyon8
Emily Myscofski8
Peyton Ogle8
Bridget Raymond9
Sophia Raymond7
Abigail Satter8
Kaitlyn Schmahl10
Ainsleigh Scott12
Alastrina Scott9
Kylie Tornow10
Vanessa Wittenberg11


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