STM MS Academics

St. Thomas More Middle School is the critical link between elementary school and high school. The middle school years are a time of great growth academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our highly qualified staff guides our students to reach their full potential in a safe, enriching and faith-filled environment.

Along with a core curriculum that includes literature, grammar/composition, math, science, social studies and theology, students also take physical education and computer science classes. They also select Enrichment classes that include Band, Choir, Orchestra, Art, Coding/Robotics, Media/Yearbook, and Philosophy/Logic. Our academic services “Student Success Center” supports students in areas of reading, writing and math. St. Thomas More offers three “Credit Before Grade Nine” courses. Algebra I is offered to students who qualify for the class. All 8th grade students select either Spanish I and French I and they may qualify for high school credit based on their end of year exams. Additionally, students may also qualify to take other high school level courses at St. Thomas More High School if they have met all qualifications and prerequisites.

Working in 6-12 department teams, our school provides the academic rigor and habits that will prepare our students to be successful at the next level of education.