The lofty ideal of the school and the diocese is to make Catholic education available even to those who can’t afford tuition. To that end, the school offers need based financial aid that covers up to half of the cost of tuition.

Last year this program awarded $183,000 to 115 students grades K-12. Tuition awards are funded through generous donations of individuals, foundations and corporations who appreciate the value of a Catholic school education. Private grants added another $13,000 of financial aid. But even then, we still lose students and families because they simply can’t afford tuition. It is amazing to see the innumerable sacrifices that families at our school system make for their kids. We see parents taking second jobs, foregoing luxuries, and even withdrawing from their own retirement to give their children the chance at a Catholic education.

We ask you to help us raise money for this worthy fund. 100% of your donation will go towards next year’s tuition assistance program.

Help us make Catholic education available to all!